Does Dipsea offer refunds?

How to request a refund for a subscription purchased on the Dipsea website, web app, Google Play Store, or iTunes App Store.

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Our refund process depends on where you purchased your subscription.

For subscriptions purchased through Dipsea’s website or the Google Play Store, we are usually able to accommodate refund requests made within 30 days of your purchase of an annual subscription, or 14 days if you have purchased a monthly subscription.

If you purchased a subscription through the Dipsea website or Google Play Store:
Please email for help.

If you purchased a subscription through the iTunes App Store:

To request a refund for a Dipsea subscription that has been purchased through the App Store on an iOS device, you must contact Apple directly. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide Dipsea with the ability to process refunds. Only Apple can process refunds for purchases made through an Apple iTunes account.

To request a refund from Apple, contact the Apple Customer Support team directly through the following steps:

  • Select your device

  • Select "Subscriptions & Purchases"

  • Click on “Request a Refund”

  • Once here, you'll sign into your Apple account to contact Apple and request a refund

These instructions apply to annual and monthly subscription plans.

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