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How can I listen to Dipsea stories offline?
How can I listen to Dipsea stories offline?

Learn how to listen to Dipsea stories whenever, wherever.

Written by Josephine
Updated over a week ago

The first step in listening to Dipsea offline is adding a story to Your Favorites. Not sure how to add a story to your Favorites? Just look for the heart icon next to a story anywhere in the app (example below).

Please note that you are unable to download sleep scenes at this time.

Follow the steps below for more info on how to listen offline:

  • Make sure you are on WiFi (stories will only download when you are on WiFi)

  • Favorite any story you want to download by tapping the heart icon from either the story detail page or listen screen (screenshot below)

  • Go to the My Library tab >> Your Favorites playlist >> tap the three dots next to any story you'd like to download

  • Tap download

  • Now when you are offline/on airplane mode, any of the stories you've downloaded while on WiFi will be available for listening!

Watch the GIF below to learn more:

Happy listening!

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