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How do I unlock all stories?
How do I unlock all stories?

Learn how to get access to Dipsea's full library of hundreds of stories.

Written by Josephine
Updated over a week ago

We offer a number of stories with previews to decide if they'd like to move forward with a subscription.

All stories with a locked icon (see screenshot below) are only available to users who have unlocked the unlimited Dipsea library by purchasing a subscription:

When you're ready, you can unlock all stories by tapping the “Unlock 1000+ Stories” button on the center of the Discover screen in the app:

From there, you can select a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. The annual subscription comes with an upfront 7-day free trial so you can experience the full library of stories free of charge for one week.

To learn more about Dipsea's subscription options, click here.

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